February 11, 2021

What determines the price of Tsubook?

We thought about how we can enable people worldwide to learn with Tsubook. It was important for us to offer a tool which supports learning even as a free version. That worked great and we have more than 10.000 happy users opening the app every month. While this nourishes our heart, it doesn’t feed our stomachs and it certainly does not allow further development of the app. And we want Tsubook to develop and to offer you a long term support!

Those who want to look deeper and seriously learn with Tsubook can therefore buy a license to access the full content. The price for this license varies from country to country and is based on the local price of a Shiatsu treatment. With this policy we hope to enable students in every country worldwide to recoup the costs of Tsubook after their first paid treatment.

You like our pricing policy but could do with some discount? Check out the requirements to obtain a discount.